You Like us !! but still skeptical.Here are a few more queries we can answer for ourselves. More queries are always welcome

What is saffron Technologies?

We are a niche organization providing solutions for Medical billing , IT solutions and website management.

Why is it better?

We ensure timely claims with minimal or no errors. We use new tools and technologies for website development and we are ever trying to find new areas to improve our services.

How can I start using it?

We are ready to fit your needs, you could buy our software or we can continue working on your software, whichever suits your need.

For more information please at +1(727) 207-0979 or mail to john@saffrontechnologies.com

Do I need to get any new software installed?

We can provide you the best software as per your budget and requirement or work on your existing software.

We provide free Practice Management software for billing and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for managing patient data.

Do you have a contractny sort of agreement?

We believe in our values and have nothing to hide so, no hidden clauses.

Is there a trail period?

If you are interested and would like to try us before believing us we do offer a one month free trial.

How can I monitor the work?

We do understand that you need assurance that we are looking after your business well, that’s why we provide Monthly Account Receivable reports, Bi – Monthly Reports or even Daily Claim Submission Report as per your requirement.

How will I get my payments?

To ensure your satisfaction we do not get any payment, it goes directly to the doctors account (cheque or electronic). We charge doctors

How much will it cost?

We charge a small percentage of the payment. Quotations are available on demand.