Network security & Support

A secure network free of malware with a strong firewall support system . What's more, no connectivity issues too.

Fast growing business and the changing dynamic of the technology, put forward the need for speed – a high speed internet to stay connected.

We provide Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) and Managed Local Area Network (LAN) using cisco equipment with ongoing warranty support, software patch updates, maintenance, repair, and replacement, saving your organization and the cost of network upkeep
Network downtime may prove to be a sinister disaster, we monitor our networks 24 par 7 all round the year to you give you the best network experience.
Our Services:
Managed LAN
Saffron technology understands how important a sustained well performing internet service is important to your organization. We ensure this by providing comprehensive LAN switch management oversight and responsibility for managed devices.Network performance can be monitored whenever required.
Our maintenance services include equipment upgrades, repair, and replacement.
Managed WAN
Performance and Monitory aspect are always the biggest trade off’s when it comes to network performance. We at Saffron Technologies aim to reduce your cost by installing and managing new Cisco router equipment with ongoing warranty support, providing software updates, maintenance, repair, and replacement as much as possible, we could save you a large cost of network maintenance by installing and managing new Cisco router equipment with ongoing warranty support, providing software updates, maintenance, repair, and replacement.
Whether your network requires advanced routing protocols, operational task management, or real-time performance reports, we can customize the Managed WAN service that works specifically for your business. Router configuration and path redundancy options will be customized to meet the exact needs of your network and business.

Internet Security
Our comprehensive selection of Managed Internet Security services protect your network and applications from the growing threat of data breaches and malware attacks. The network settings are customized to protect your oranisation from breaches and attacks .
We provide Internet Security, DDoS Mitigation, and Managed Email Security services to protect your network and applications. Advanced network defense systems to help maintain your organization’s normal business activity over the Internet.

Malware Protection – removal of malware and viruses from the network.
Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS) – notifications in case any suspicious activity is observed
Application Control – Application acting suspicious can be recognized.
Managed Network Portal – Monitor your network performance via alerts
VPN Tunnels – remote workers can be connected securely
Firewall With Stateful Inspection – Afraid of malware and virus attacks, our firewall settings ensure blockage of suspicious data.
Content Filtering – blacklisted URL’s and suspicious websites cannot make it to your network